As you can see, this is quite a device described in all its functions, we can go on the page. Find what you can do Bravia get any test and would like the best thing, and we believe it will be through. This may be why the 40-inch LCD KDL40EX720 is such a hit with video enthusiasts. Not only that, while there are some, allowing you to use the input and output of the the KDL40EX720 Bravia series compatible electronic gear, video equipment. For example, if you have a series of Bravia compatible Blu-ray player to play 3D movies and stereo tracks on it, you have to do is slip, KDL40EX720 provide a HDMI connector and a crisp, clean video. In the BRAVIA KDL40EX720 streaming and network-centric, not only because it can be used as a wireless node device, or it can simply as a part of your home wireless network. You can also pick up the built-in Ethernet interface, the USB 2.0 standard interface, such as video. . Fact, Bravia LCD actually have an HDMI output, so you can actually chain equipment, but it also has three HDMI inputs, composite and component video output BRAVIA Not only is the WiFi ready, it is also Internet ready the BRAVIA KDL40EX720 processing by Sony and the appropriate add-ons, you can set the picture in the Graphics Device photos of Skype conversations with others. Perhaps more than any other project BRAVIA KDL40EX720 key. When you are in 3D mode, video digital sharp, white seems to be more a little brighter (2D mode), black multi shadow.