Constituted from the production point of view, the main products of the China PCB industry has shifted from a single panel, double panel plywood, and upgrade to the more than 6 to 8 layer is from 4 to 6 layers. With the rapid growth of the multilayer, HDI board, flexible board, the PCB industry structure in China is gradually optimization and improvement. HDI board application of deep plowing in the field, will also bring new opportunities for PCB factory, This year, Intel vigorously led CULV models anticipated wave NB HDI, brought up for the first time, many industry professionals including Han Yu Bode, given Ying, have increased as inputs HDI processes the gold like electricity in order to response to customers, the HDI performance and thin performance is superior to the traditional PCB HDI trend to replace traditional NB will probably gradually forming. The the PCB factory Qieruliji market will be able to bring growth momentum, locked the main market of consumer electronics, information and communications products are PCB plant in the past, but the decline in the price of these products are fast, heavily hit by this wave of depression and therefore part of the industry will look to American, Japanese companies dominated the automotive, medical materials and aerospace market is relatively stable niche boards, but this type of product certification for a long time, you need hard work for a long time. PCB (Printed Circuit Board), the Chinese name of the printed circuit board, also known as printed circuit boards, printed circuit boards, is an important electronic component, the supporting body of the electronic components, the electronic components of the electrical connection provided by. Because it is produced electronic printing, it is called "printed circuit board. In recent years, there is no major breakthrough in the development of printed circuit board technology, is just an extension of the application field, after this wave of financial turmoil, the Taiwan-based PCB plant demonstrated excellent competitiveness. Meet the economic recovery of the economy, the future of the PCB hard board market potential products will lock the field of LED lighting, HDI (High Density link substrate) emerging applications and niche markets are worth the wait. NB backlight LED board switch, LCD TV also follow up with LED, will be hard board manufacturers to create a new market, longer term, in 2015, the opportunity to the rise of the digital home, LCD TV will play an integral role in the home , there will be major changes when the LCD TV PCB. The other hand, countries around the world are rushing to LED street light build, the derived business opportunities straight was looking forward to this stage LCD TV and LED street lamp LED heat the substrate to the alumina substrate material.