The development of "double harvest." It is estimated that one third of the country's traditional lighting with LED instead of annual savings in electricity consumption is equivalent to a generating capacity of the Three Gorges Hydropower Station. The LED era, what will be the kind of scene? The efforts of the Shanghai semiconductor lighting engineering technology research center, this Expo has exhibited several fragments - Expo "foreseeable" future LED era The Expo Center Administrator hall, bright and comfortable LED light shining from the top of the 14-meter-high meet reading requirements of the participants. Expo project director of the World Expo Group to participate in the project, Li Qing to interpret: "LED lighting in indoor function has been a bottleneck LED lights at such a distance under this government hall, but also to meet the reading needs, is a remarkable breakthrough. LED home lighting, we have more confidence. " The young apartment on the second floor of the Ecohome, indoor lighting featuring all LED and you can adjust the brightness according to user needs. Cloudy day, LED lights slightly open, do not very bright, can make up for each other and the natural light; night, LED lights on to full brightness. If you need to create a romantic atmosphere, colored LED lamps can also do the job. . 2009 national release of "semiconductor lighting energy conservation industry development opinions: 2015, the independent innovation capability significantly enhanced the upstream chip scale production enterprises 3-5 home; significantly improve industrial concentration, with their own brand, the larger market influence of the backbone enterprises of about 10. Many people and Li Ching to confidence in the future of the LED industry.